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With over 500 years of royal history, Hampton Court Palace has something to offer visitors, from the magnificent State Apartments to the domestic reality of the Tudor Kitchens. Costumed guides and audio tours bring the palace to life and provide an insight into how life in the palace would have been in the time of Henry VIII and William III.

Hampton Court Palace contains an important part of the largest private collection of art in the world, the Royal Collection. This collection, which covers 500 years, is complete and Hampton

Court contains much of the most important material from the 16th, 17th and early 18th centuries. The Maze at Hampton Court, the royal palace on the Thames to the west of London, is probably the most famous hedge maze in the world. It was planted as part of the gardens laid out for William of Orange between 1689 and 1695 by George London and Henry Wise.

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Hampton Court Palace
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