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HMS Belfast is the largest surviving example of Britain's twentieth century naval power. She was the first ship to be saved for the nation since Nelson's HMS Victory due to her historical importance.

Best known for her role in the advancment of Allied troops as they made their way onto Gold and Juno beaches on the morning of D-Day, 6 June 1944, HMS Belfast is now a naval time capsule, providing nine decks of living history to explore.

Visitors can explore all decks, from the

Captain's Bridge to the Boiler and Engine rooms well below the ship's waterline. Areas to visit include the sailors' mess- decks, the galley, sick bay, operations room and the six-inch gun turrets.

The HMS Belfast experience provides living testament to her illustrious service, her battle stories and the conditions in which up to 950 crew members lived and fought in until her retirement from the Royal Navy in 1965.

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