Madame Tussauds
Madame tussauds Madame tussauds. London

London's most famous tourist attraction has come alive! Why not come and visit us and get up close to your favourite celebrities at this amazing day out in London. Stars such as Brad Pitt, Robbie Williams, Kylie Minogue and many more are all under one roof at the tourist attraction everyone is talking about.

Don’t forget The Stardome and its dazzling, 360-degree show The Wonderful World Of Stars. Produced by Oscar-winning animators Aardman (Wallace & Gromit) this fully-fuelled experience replaces the Planetarium,   which    closed     in     2006,

offering guests a fun-filled take on fame and celebrity as seen through the eyes of inquisitive extra-terrestrials.

Chamber Live’s 200 year history gets a nasty update where figures come alive and you will become part of the action! Kylie Minogue’s pop royalty has been reaffirmed with the launch of a new figure – becoming the only person other than The Queen to be created 4 times.

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opening times
Sunday   09.30 - 17.30
Monday   09.30 - 17.30
Tuesday   09.30 - 17.30
Wednesday   09.30 - 17.30
Thursday   09.30 - 17.30
Friday   09.30 - 17.30
Saturday   09.30 - 17.30

Madame Tussauds
Marylebone Road
+44 (0) 870 999 0046

Madame tussauds, london Madame tussauds, London