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Come with us by bike, and enjoy the city in a different and highly entertaining way. Centuries of history, a story around every corner, tales of the good, the bad and the ugly.

Take the East tour and see where the town was born, where the Romans walked and Shakespeare talked. See where the blood was spilt and fine buildings built. The Middle London tour, more tales of scandal and intrigue, also shows you the sites where London’s immense commercial growth began. Then we make a metaphorical (remember we are on

bikes) march towards the modern era, through the legal quarters and into areas celebrated for a variety of entertainment. You might prefer the Royal west tour. Parks and palaces, the legacy of kings and queens in their majesty and malice. Ride through Hyde Park and hear the eccentric rantings of the orators at Speakers Corner (make up your own mind), then back through the “West End” teeming with pleasure seekers. We guarantee you a good time.

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