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National Portrait gallery National Portrait gallery. London

The National Portrait Gallery is an primarily located in St Martin's Place, off Trafalgar Square in, but with various satellite outstations located elsewhere in the UK.

The gallery opened to the public in 1856. It houses portraits of historically important and famous British people, selected on the basis of the significance of the sitter. The collection includes photographs and caricatures as well as paintings, drawings and sculpture. Not all of the portraits are exceptional artistically, although there are self-portraits by William Hogarth, Sir

Joshua Reynolds and other British artists of note. Often the curiosity value is greater than the artistic worth of a work, as in the case of the anamorphic portrait of Edward VI by William Scrots, Patrick Branwell Brontė's painting of his sisters Charlotte, Emily and Anne, or a sculpture of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert in medieval costume. Portraits of living figures were allowed from 1969.

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National Portrait Gallery
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National Portrait gallery, london National Portrait gallery, London