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As well as the permanent dinosaur exhibition, the Natural History Museum boasts a collection of the biggest, tallest and rarest animals in the world.

Dinosaurs: Come face to face with a terrifying T. rex. Inspect dinosaur skeletons & sort the facts from the myths. Mammals (blue whale): Discover a world of massive mammals. Inspect a blue whale, the largest creature ever, from above and below.

The Power Within: Experience what an earthquake feels like and discover what happens when a volcano erupts.

Find out what earth scientists are doing to deal with these terrifying natural forces. Central Hall: See the highlights of the Museum, including the Diplodocus skeleton, a 1,300-year-old giant sequoia tree, and the coelacanth, a prehistoric fish still living in the Indian Ocean.

Earth’s Treasury: Get a rare glimpse of some truly precious treasures in this glittering display of rocks, minerals and gemstones.

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Natural History Museum
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