Royal Mews
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One of the finest working stables in existence, the Royal Mews form part of Buckingham Palace and house the carriages and horses used by the Queen and the Royal Family for state and ceremonial occasions.

A visit provides an opportunity to see the royal household in action. For much of the year, the stables are also home to 30 horses who serve the Queen on official duty, when required. The horses are Cleveland Bay and Windsor Greys.

Visitors can also see the Gold state coach

which is used for coronation and state visits, weddings and the state opening of parliament. A State motor vehicle is also usually on display.

Visitors to the Royal Mews often witness the daily work of the Mews staff. Since 1843 the daily messenger brougham has set out from the Mews to collect and deliver post between Royal households.

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Saturday   11.00 - 16.00

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