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Tate Britain is the national gallery of British art. Located in London, it is one of the family of four Tate galleries which display selections from the Tate Collection.

The other three galleries are Tate Modern, also in London, Tate Liverpool, in the north-west, and Tate St Ives, in Cornwall, in the south-west.

Tate Britain is the world centre for the understanding and enjoyment of British art and works actively to promote interest in British art internationally. The displays

at Tate Britain call on the greatest collection of British art in the world to present an unrivalled picture of the development of art in Britain from the time of the Tudor monarchs in the sixteenth century, to the present day.

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opening times
Sunday   10.00 - 17.40
Monday   10.00 - 17.40
Tuesday   10.00 - 17.40
Wednesday   10.00 - 17.40
Thursday   10.00 - 17.40
Friday   10.00 - 17.40
Saturday   10.00 - 17.40

Tate Britain
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