Tower of London
Buckingham palace Buckingham palace. London

Is it any wonder that the Tower Of London is the nation's leading historic visitor attraction?

This ancient fortress was founded by William the Conqueror and almost 1,000 years of British history have been played out within its walls. It was here that Anne Boleyn was excecuted. Guy Fawkes interrogated. Richard II and Elizabeth I incarcerated and the 'Princes in the Tower' disappeared without trace.

Standing guard by the River Thames, The Tower is an impressive London landmark.

Discover the secrets that lie within its walls, marvel at the breathtaking Crown Jewels (a new exhibition the 'Crowns and Diamonds', showing the development of Royal Crowns in Britain is in the Martin Toser), stand on the site where three English queens were beheaded and explore the myths and legends that make a visit to The Tower a fantastic day out.

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